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Who doesn't love "Scoot"? Two for Tuesday

Hey! I'm here to link up with The Teaching Tribune's Two for Tuesday. So, today you can save 50% on two of my resources: Reflexive Pronouns Scoot and Plural Nouns Scoot.

 Reflexive Pronouns Scoot - 64 Task Cards
Great for Common Core 2.L.1c

 Plural Nouns Scoot - 192 Task Cards
Newly redesigned and expanded

I love creating task cards and the plural nouns set was one of the first products I offered on Teachers Pay Teachers.

READ: Plural Nouns Anchor Chart Ideas Part 1

READ: Plural Nouns Anchor Chart Ideas Part 2

Both resources address the Common Core and are perfect for 2nd grade!

I was supposed to be discounting them just for today, but I'm linking up later in the day.
I've decided to offer the task cards sets at a discount until tomorrow at 6pm EDT.

For more incredible bloggers and discounts, click on the image below.

Have a great evening!

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