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Halloween videos for classroom use - with SafeShare links, descriptions, and FREE worksheets!

Here's a list of Halloween videos that you can use in your classroom. These are in English as I've recently posted a short selection of Halloween videos in French.

I recommend using the links below the videos to show them in your classroom. Those are SafeShare links. SafeShare is a way to avoid having distracting and/or inappropriate content around the video itself. (I'm not being paid to say that. This is really a way to protect kids from seeing what they're not supposed to be seeing).

1. Shake Dem Halloween Bones

Description: cute song with the repeated use of simple sentence structures about bones in the body.
Grades: pre-k-1
Great for: brain break, body science, ELL vocabulary

As an EFL teacher, I really like that the video is a fun way to practice the contraction of the verb to be:

"…the leg bone's connected to the hip bone…"

SafeShare link: Shake Dem Halloween Bones | Halloween songs for Children

2. Halloween Rules

Description: catchy song (it's stuck in my head now - somebody make it stop!) about Halloween costumes and Halloween fun. The "rules" in the title is a verb, not a noun.
Grades: 1-4
Great for: brain break, ELL vocabulary

Before showing the video, I'd have kids list possible Halloween costumes. I'd tell them to watch the video and pay attention to the costumes shown and/or mentioned. I'd ask them if all the costumes it the list were also in the video. I'd end the activity by having them tell me about what they want to be for Halloween and why. Finally, I'd assign a writing homework about the same thing (favorite costume and why). If you want a little twist, you can have them write about a classmate's favorite costume. That would show if they were really listening to one another.

Again, the EFL teacher in me kicks in and I have to say that I'd be doing a whole lesson with multiple meaning words starting with the "rules" in the title. (What are Halloween safety rules? Do you think that Halloween rules?, etc)

SafeShare link: Halloween Rules - Kids Halloween Song

3. Happy Halloween Kids

Description: almost entirely wordless, this super short video has cute animation
Grades: k-3
Great for: working with predictions, discussing fiction story elements (e.g. setting, characters), writing, ELL vocabulary practice

You can have kids:
- describe what they see: objects, people, actions. Then, they could act out the story while one student narrates the story. This would work particularly well for ELLs.
- predict what's going to happen. The teacher can pause the video at different moments so students can make their predictions.
- discuss story elements
- write the narration for the video

SafeShare link: Happy Halloween Kids

4. Stirring Our Brew

Description: this one is catchy, too, and perfect for brain breaks because the animation shows the moves the students could do
Grades: k-3
Great for: brain break, working with adjectives, ELL vocabulary

There aren't that many adjectives in the song itself, but I believe that actually makes it work better (at least for my purposes). I'd have students rewrite the song including as many adjectives as possible to describe the stew and the ingredients being tossed in the cauldron.

SafeShare link: Halloween Songs for Children -- Stirring Our Brew -- Halloween kids song by The Learning Station

I've created two FREE Halloween Brew Recipe worksheets for you. They're both about Halloween brew recipes, but the focus is different.

First one is about coming up with the perfect spooky ingredients for a Halloween brew and, of course, the "trick" is to get kids to describe the ingredients with adjectives, and to write about their recipe.

 Free Halloween Brew - Using Adjectives Worksheet

Second one is also about a Halloween brew recipe, but the focus is more on procedural writing as students are requested to list the ingredients, and explain the steps for making the brew.

FREE Halloween Brew Worksheet - procedural writing worksheet

Just click on the images to download the freebies (Dropbox download).

Thank you for reading and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


  1. These apps look so fun! I will check them out with my daughters! I had to laugh when you said "the ELL teacher in me kicked in..." That constantly happens to me, too! Thanks for the great freebies. How fun!

    1. I hope your daughters enjoy the videos. I think we're always on teacher mode. I'm constantly aware of how native speakers of English use words so that I can give very real examples to students.
      Thank you for reading, Deb!

  2. These are great! Thank you for sharing!

    1. I'm glad you like them, Barbara! Thanks for stopping by!