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A Christmas (Math) Gift for you: Free US coins count the room

Hi, my name's Lucy and I'm addicted to clipart!

What does it have to do with today's freebie?!

Well, most of the times, I purchase clipart because I'm looking for a piece to complete a project. However, there are times (many times!) when I see a clipart set that inspires me to create a resource.

This is how I've come up with this US Coins Count The Room Freebie that I want to share with you today.

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I saw the wonderful set of Holiday Present Frames by Krista Wallden and I just had to use it. The frames look wonderful and, of course, there are many things one can do with them.
I thought they would be great with A Sketchy Guy's US coins, so I've put together a Count The Room activity.

 FREE US Coins Count The Room (Christmas Gifts) by Lucy S.

At this time of the year, teachers are most likely losing their minds trying to keep kids focused as the holidays quickly approach. The best thing is to find a way for students to spend all that extra energy while still practicing important skills.

Print and laminate the cards. Place them around the room. Give an answer recording sheet to each student (or pairs of students) and have them look for the gifts and count the coins "inside" each gift box.

After counting the coins in all cards, you'd think the activity is over, but there's more.

There are follow-up questions on the answer recording sheet. For example: "which gift is the most expensive?", "how much would you spend if you purchased gifts 1 and 3?", and a few others. In order to answer those questions, students will have to compare numbers and add two 2-digit numbers.

Click here to download it from TpT and be sure to leave feedback if you find it useful!

Thank you for stopping by!

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